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Sunchai Khemalaap

Deputy Chief Security Officer and Alamo Regional Security Operation Center (ARSOC), City of San Antonio, Texas

Sunny have been with the City of San Antonio since 11 September 2017.  He is a retired Naval Officer with over 21 years of service.  His military services include Enlisted as Aviation Structural Mechanics (Airframes).  As Officer, Gunnery Officer aboard USS ARKANSAS, the Auxiliary Engineering Officer on USS NIMITZ, IT Manager at Naval Ocean Processing Facility (NOPF) Whidbey Island, Operations Officer and Command Security Manager aboard USS Rodney M. Davis, Chief Staff Officer Mine Counter-Measures Division Three One for Mine Clearance Operations of the Persian Gulf for OEF/OIF, lastly as Executive Officer of Naval Reserve Center Pacific Northwest.  After retirement Sunny worked as a Special Agent with Federal Investigative Services for the Office of Personnel Management before moving to San Antonio to work for Department of Veterans Affairs as a Health Services Research Manager and then for the Foundation for Advancing Veterans Health Research (FAVHR).  With over 30 years of Information Technology and Cybersecurity experience in various capacity with the Navy, public and private sector, Sunny decided to fully dedicate his focus and passion in Cybersecurity by joining the City of San Antonio IT Security team.  Some of his other interests and hobbies include woodworking, astronomy/astrophotography, photography, PC building and IT “exploring”, and DIY’er.

He is a graduate of Oregon State University with degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration.