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Nana John Canoe II (Christopher Davis)

Head of Research and Museum Department, Clifton Heritage National Park (Bahamas)

Born to a Trinidadian mother and Bahamian father, a love and appreciation for history and Afro-Bahamian culture was instilled in Christopher Davis from a young age, always proud of his roots in Cat Island. Davis has rapidly risen as a dynamic force weaving history, sport, and PanAfricanism into an electrifying tapestry. From the sandy shores of The Bahamas to the revered halls of African scholarship, his journey has been nothing short of legendary. Former Goalkeeper turned Safohene (Warrior King), he was a regional pioneer in Beach Soccer and is now a global ambassador for PanAfricanism. He unveiled hidden truths of Junkanoo, the Saltwater Underground Railroad, and the African Diaspora, captivating audiences worldwide. He now works at the Clifton Heritage National Park (Bahamas), spearheading a new research and museums department.

John Canoe II has put The Bahamas on the map in the world of black scholarship, bringing a much-needed perspective to the history of Africans. His research has influenced the appointment of a Bahamian Ambassador in Ghana, influenced The Bahamas’ national curriculum and a resurgence among the Ahanta people. John Canoe II’s seminal work has strengthened bonds among the African Diaspora, leading to numerous accolades; the most profound was his coronation as Nana Safohene John Canoe II by the Ahanta Traditional Council in June 2022. Witness the resurgence of John Canoe – a beacon of Afrocentric perspective and a catalyst for change.