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Sacha Francois Heppell

Executive Director, Denver Sister Cities International, Colorado, USA

Sacha Francois Heppell is an accomplished advocate for cultural exchange and international relations, with a career deeply rooted in empowering future leaders and fostering global friendships. Serving as the Executive Director of Denver Sister Cities International, he has significantly contributed to its mission of promoting diplomacy and connection between Denver, Colorado, and its ten sister cities. Sacha’s nearly decade-long volunteer service prior to his leadership role underscores his commitment to creating impactful exchange programs that cover a wide range of interests, including governance, education, music, art, entrepreneurship, brewing, and culinary arts.

Under his guidance, Denver Sister Cities International earned the 2023 Sister Cities International Innovation in Arts and Culture award, highlighting its dedication to creativity, culture, and collaboration. Beyond his work with the sister cities program, Sacha founded a youth media leadership program in 2006, aiming to develop young talents and their media capabilities. His efforts to break down racial and gender barriers were nationally recognized during a 2012 interview with Don Lemon on CNN.

Sacha’s influence extends into the digital health and education sectors, earning him a spot in the ’40 Under 40′ list by Medical Media + Marketing magazine. His diverse roles have allowed him to build a vast network within pharmaceutical and medical device industries, connecting with experts and thought leaders. Sacha remains dedicated to his vision of a more interconnected and harmonious world, continually working to empower the next generation and enhance cultural exchanges globally.