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Officer Joel Pope

San Antonio Police Officer

Joel Pope is a San Antonio Police Officer who is currently assigned to the Chief’s Office Community Engagement Unit.

Joel’s current assignment is focused on creating meaningful community relationships with an emphasis on projects that lead to increased police legitimacy and promote procedural justice.

Before his current assignment Joel spent 16 years developing police training programs centered around enhancing quality law enforcement services intended to bolster police legitimacy.   These programs are based in realistic scenario training, with an emphasis on stress control techniques and performance phycology as it relates to critical police response. Joel supports data driven improvements in training and is a published author in this field.   Joel supports officer career and life development by implementing Performance Recovery Optimization techniques, a first within the San Antonio Police Department.  Based on Joel’s work with San Antonio Police psychological services, San Antonio was chosen and presented to the U.S. Congress as an example of health and wellness programs designed to provide successful law enforcement mental health and wellness strategies. Joel has consulted for the International Association of Chiefs of Police working with major cities across the United States.

Joel currently consults for The Department of Justice implementing community engagement and officer wellness programs internationally.  Preparing police officers to be healthy and effective inspires Joel’s work due to the direct impact it has on the community they are serving and their wellbeing.

Joel is a local, state and federal trained police instructor with 28 years of law enforcement experience.  Joel has trained and provided training programs for numerous police agencies, corporate and community members alike.  Joel works closely with multiple community youth groups throughout San Antonio

Joel holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Texas State University- [1996]; and a TCOLE Master Peace Officer License.