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Stephen Kenyah Arthur

Bahamas and Ghana Sister Cities President

Stephen Kenyah Arthur, affectionately called “Steve Wonders” is a Native of the Ahanta tribe, a Youth Activist, and a descendant of the Great Whale – King Badu Bonso II. Stephen from an economical home of 13 children has steadily risen as a Local Government representative of his people and President of Ahanta West District SC Commission because of his selfless dedication to the preservation of history, heritages, culture, and norms.

His passion for tourism promotion and development as an economic tool landed him the Chairman of the Tourism, Culture and Arts Subcommittee of the Ahanta West Municipal Assembly. Stephen holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked within the Oil & Gas industry for over 7years gaining numerous experiences.  Passionate about changing the narrative about the Ahanta people, Stephen and Members of Ahantaman Youth Association developed Edutainment programs notably “Ahantafest-focus on tourism, arts, culture and food preservation and “Miss Ahanta” – focus on Girl Child education, climate change, peace promotion and gender empowerment.

Stephen has over the last 3years been actively involved with the research works of Christopher Davis and Bahamian Counterpart. His role as a Liaison Officer uniquely assisted in the appointment of A Bahamas Ambassador to Ghana, Signing of Sister cities Agreement between Ahanta & Bahamas and the signing of VISA waivers between Ghana and Bahamas. Stephen is a young Pan-African who want the World to know of the Story of Ahanta people, their involvement in freedom fighting that lead to the beheading of their King Badu Bonso II, connecting the African Diaspora to Ahanta and the opportunities and challenges facing his tribe. Ahanta is on the rise again, Stephen’s believe.