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Mayor Alix Desulme

Mayor of North Miami

Mayor Alix Desulme is a dynamic leader whose dedication to community service shines brightly in every aspect of his public service career. With a heart for giving back, he tirelessly champions the needs of North Miami and South Florida residents, consistently going above and beyond to make a positive impact.

As a lifelong educator, Mayor Desulme has touched the lives of countless students, from at-risk youth to gifted learners, with his unwavering commitment to their growth and success. His entrepreneurial spirit as a small business owner further demonstrates his versatility and drive for

In 2009, Mayor Desulme made history as North Miami’s first Black City Clerk and the youngest Haitian American to hold such a position in the United States. His trailblazing journey continued in 2015 when he was elected to the North Miami City Council, representing District 4. His leadership was further recognized in 2016 when he became the youngest Vice-Mayor, and in 2019, he was re-elected with an overwhelming 65% of the vote. During his tenure as Vice Mayor, Mayor Desulme spearheaded numerous community-enrichment initiatives, including the Golden Silver Senior Program, which provides a nurturing environment for seniors to thrive. His “Peoples’ Councilman” moniker is a testament to his deep connection with the community, exemplified by his innovative “Let’s Eat Healthy” initiative, which ensures residents have access to fresh, nutritious food.

Mayor Desulme’s advocacy for creating the City’s first Housing and Social Services Department is a monumental achievement. Since its inception, the department has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant urban community by providing essential housing and social services to those
in need.

As an educator, Mayor Desulme’s commitment to youth development is unwavering. He founded the NoMi Leaders in Training Program (L.I.T.) to prepare the next generation of public servants and ensure a seamless transition into the City’s Youth Opportunity Board (YOB) Summer Internship Program.